Thinking Bout Me
– Cecily


From sulky to serious, forlorn and playful, Cecily runs the gamut of emotions as she both suffers in, and celebrates solitude in her debut
single Thinking Bout Me.
    Her video gives us a fly on the wall perspective as she wrestles with self-doubt and the cutting words of others. But in this isolated introspection we also see her gain strength, and confidence, in her own aspirations.
    Alone in her room, alone at her piano, alone dancing on a balcony, alone in her thoughts. When she’s alone she can breathe, she can think, she can be selfish in her own goals. She can be at the mercy of the thoughts of others cruel words, but she will always find she is also at her best alone.
    Thinking Bout Me is directed by James K Lowe & Nicole Miller-Wong. Produced by Curious Film.